Developing new educational content, new methodology and organization in terms of business creation and promotion of entrepreneurial spirit

Leader : ISARA Lyon

To conceive a new pro‐active approach based on guided self‐learning which can contribute to bridging academic and food‐business worlds by determining how to tackle academic and business objectives together.

The overall objective is to increase the added value of the HEI dedicated to food innovation and the added value of companies that will be created or that will make use of students’ results.

In the framework of WP3 was developed a tool box and a “project map”, for training program about the management of an innovative project; divided into three main steps:

1- formulation


3- launch phase

The three major steps of the project map are themselves divided by small steps with: objectives to reach, milestones, courses from the FOODLAB syllabus tools, URL link to tools, courses, information, etc., bibliography, skills’ auto-evaluation about maturity of the project, link for obtaining financing and information in order to start the company.